Final Product

For your culminating assignment, I am asking you to take a step along the path linking your origin problem to your proposed destination.

This could be any or the following:

  • A proposal for foundation or government funding to implement the approach you have selected in an affected community,
  • An op-ed or blog post making the case for your approach to the public or policymakers,
  • a policy position paper, or a grant proposal for research funds.

You could also implement a component of your proposed approach by:

  • Conducting a spatial data analysis
  • Constructing a visually-appealing report or pamphlet to be shared with community members,
  • Recording and editing a podcast episode making the case for your approach, making a set of maps, an interactive data visualization,
  • Or something else that works for your problem.

It is OK for the final product to be a work-in-progress at the end of the term. I would far prefer to see you be ambitious and start something you can continue to carry forward than to narrow your ambitions to meet an end-of-term deadline.