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EPID 684
Spatial Epidemiology
University of Michigan School of Public Health

Jon Zelner
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  • Readings

  • “Good Map 😇, Bad Map 👿”

  • If time: Overview of Roadmap Project

Making sense of today’s readings

  • Did the Kirby piece impact your understanding of what spatial epidemiology is or isn’t? How?

  • Is the distinction between spatial epidemiology and medical geography made by Kirby et al. meaningful?

  • Which of the analytic tools mentioned in this piece are most relevant to your own research or practice interests?

  • Any points of confusion? Other questions?


Good Map, Bad Map


Roadmap Project

  • Project is really focused on how to do something useful with spatial ideas and data in public health.

  • Take a few minutes to look at the components of the assignment.

  • Think about some of the ideas in the Koch piece; are they relevant to what you are interested in doing?

Next Time

Making sense of distance and other forms of spatial relatedness