In our first Zoom session of this course, we will spend some time discussing and thinking about the concept of spatial smoothing and why it is such a central idea in spatial analysis and medical geography. Specifically, we will spend our time on the following activities:

  1. Introductions/logistics (~10m)

  2. Time for feedback/questions about readings and course materials. (~10m)

  3. A mini-lecture on the concept of smoothing and why it is important (~10m)

  4. A conceptual introduction to kernel smoothing

  5. Short break (~5m)

  6. A short conceptual introduction to kernel density estimation in one dimension (~10m)

  7. If time: A hands-on tutorial about way smoothers are employed to make estimates and identify hotspots.(~25m)

  8. Wrap-up/housekeeping for next week.

Additional Resources

Lecture slides

Another brief tutorial on smoothing continuous data in one dimension